Index of Encounter Tables

Table of Contents

  1. Umiyid
  2. Burkan al-Khafion
  3. The Pearls (Regional Tables)
  4. The Depths
  5. Sailing and Water Encounters

The Kingdom of Umiyid

Desert Overland Travel

Environmental Results

  1. Weather Change (thunderstorm, cloudy, heat wave, freezing overnight)
  2. Sandstorm or Windstorm
  3. Quicksand or Mirage of Oasis/Fort
  4. Fauna (game, vermin, flying, magical)
  5. Flora:
    1. edible
    2. toxic
    3. mildly hallucinogenic
    4. medicinal
    5. useful to sorcerers
    6. rare/valuable
  6. Roll twice.

al Sahr

Moderate Difficulty

  1. Many Bedouin Herders (L0)
  2. Merchants with Camel Caravan (L1)
  3. Sand Trolls (L3)
  4. Spotted Hyenas (L2): +1s
  5. Sand Worms (L2)
  6. Black Skulled Giant Osterich Flock (L3): trample
  7. Swarm of Large Locusts or Scorpions (L1): auto hit, 3D damage
  8. Titan Scorpion (L5 Elite): +1s damage, Poison (1 Agility tax, Ob 4 Might avoids)
  9. Several Manticores (L4): flying, Poison (1 Acuity tax, Ob 3 Might avoids)
  10. Sand Elemental (L4): Immune to physical damage, sand teleport, 2-in-6 chance of being large (+1L)

al Qafr

Moderate Difficulty

  1. Many Bedouin Herders (L0)
  2. Bedouin Hunting Party (L1)
  3. Merchants with Camel Caravan (L1)
  4. Sand Trolls (L3)
  5. Several Sand Trolls (L3) and a Sand Troll Shaman (L3)
  6. Arabian Wolves (L2): trip
  7. Several Giant Buzzards (L2)
  8. Swarm of Electric Lizardlings (L2 Elite): Static Electricity Aura, 4D damage (declines to 2D damage with 50% mortalities).
  9. Several Flying Snake-Dogs (L4): Gas Breath (Discipline Ob 3 or lose next term in a daze)
  10. Gravel Elemental (L4): Rock Blastwave (4D damage, Ob 3 Agility for half), 2-in-6 chance of being large (+1L)

al Ramal

Moderate Difficulty

  1. Local Hunters (L0)
  2. Many Bandits (L1)
  3. Traders with a Mule Caravan (L1)
  4. Sand Trolls (L3)
  5. Sand Troll Warparty: Many Sand Trolls (L3) and a Sand Troll Boss (L4)
  6. Giant Rattlesnakes (L2): Poison (Might Ob 2, 3D damage)
  7. Cougar (L4 Elite): +2s, stalk and pounce
  8. Spitfire Cactus (L3): Needle Spines (Agility Ob 3, 4D damage and hobbled speed)
  9. Giant Monitor Gila Lizard (L4 Elite): Toxic Breath (Tax Knowledge and Agility, Might Ob 3 for half)
  10. Cancer Moth (L5 Elite): Confusion Powder (Acuity Ob 4 or stunned next round), X-Rays (4D damage aura automatically, Might Ob 4 for half), Pneumatic Proboscis +1s

Behdiya min Dumawiy

Moderate Difficulty

  1. Many Bedouin Herders (L0)
  2. Merchants and Guards with Camel Caravan (L1)
  3. Many Bandits (L1)
  4. Sand Trolls (L3)
  5. Sand Worms (L2)
  6. Several Giant Golden Eagles (L3) stalking wild donkeys, gazelle, or camels
  7. Brown Bear (L4 Elite): +1s
  8. Swarm of Giant Ants (L3): auto hit, 4D damage
  9. Sphinx (L5 Elite): will offer a riddle or attack, flight, +1s damage, casts Indolence (Ob 4 Discipline)
  10. Rock Golem (L4): Sand Screen (Ob 3 Acuity, blindness for 1 round), 2-in-6 chance of being large (+1L)

Altawa al-Akhadid

Moderate Difficulty

  1. Settler Camp with Many Settlers (L0)
  2. Settler Hunting Party (L1)
  3. Traveling Merchant or Trader with Guards (L2)
  4. Sand Trolls (L3)
  5. Many Sand Trolls (L3)
  6. Hyenorgs (L2): +1s damage)
  7. Swarm of Thorny Vines (L1): auto mass attack (Ob 3 Agility each round or constricted, 2D damage, and 1 Might tax)
  8. Bone Worm (L5 Elite): Fear Aura (Discipline Ob 4 Disc, -1D)
  9. Smoke Elemental (L4): Toxic Smoke Cloud (Might Ob 4, Tax Acuity): 2-in-6 chance of being large (+1L)

The Eastern Mountains

Hard Difficulty

  1. Wolves (L1)
  2. Many Wolves (L1)
  3. Many Wolves & 1 White Wolf (L3): Frost Breath (Agility Ob 3, 2D damage and 1 Agility tax)
  4. Snow Trolls (L2)
  5. Many Snow Trolls (L2) and a Snow Troll Shaman (L3)
  6. One Ice Shrike (L4): fly, impale, drop
  7. Wampa (L4 Elite)
  8. Ice Stalker (L4): invisible, Steal Breath (Discipline Ob 3 for half, Tax Acuity and Knowledge 1)
  9. Remorhaz (L5): burrow, swallow whole
  10. Snow Dragon (L5 Elite): +1s, Cone of Cold (Agility Ob 4; 4D damage, -1D for a round, and all surfaces are slippery)

Darani (Cyclopean Mountains) and Jabal al-Shaykh

Hard Difficulty

Umiyid City

Low City Sights

  1. Pickpockets
  2. Stabbing
  3. Drunken band of revelers
  4. Begger
  5. Exotic person or beast, in chains
  6. Satirical street performance mocking the upper classes


Easy Difficulty

  1. Criminals (L1)
  2. Many Morlocks (L1)
  3. Gibberlings (L2)
  4. Giant Rats/Spiders (L2)
  5. Crocodile (L3)
  6. Ameboid Flesh Ooze (L3 Elite): envelope, dissolve

High City Sights

  1. Music and Dance Performance before an ornate fountain
  2. Religous Lecture from a holy building
  3. Drunken, Boisterous Noble Youths
  4. Procession with Covered Sedan Chairs
  5. Roaming Peacocks
  6. Stately Boulevard with Palm and Citrus Trees blowing in the wind

al-Awaj Oasis

Moderate Difficulty

  1. Several Ghouls (L3): Paralysis (Might Ob 3)
  2. Giant Scorpions (L2): Poison (Might Ob 2, Tax Agility)
  3. Several Serpent Demonspawn (L2 Elite): invisible ambusher
  4. Snakemen Cultists (L3) and Snakeman High Priest (L5)
  5. Necromancer (L6, wants cybalt) and Skeletons (L2)
  6. Black Skeleton Mummy (L5): reincarnates, blinks, icy, murderous

The Mausoleum City of Jarrah

Generic Small Tomb

  1. Empty
  2. Empty
  3. Trap
  4. Trap and Gold
  5. Guardian and Gold
  6. Gold

Generic Guardians

Easy to Moderate Difficulty

  1. Giant Spider (L1) or Centipede (L2)
  2. Skeletons (L2)
  3. Giant Amoeboid Flesh Ooze (L4 Elite): envelop, dissolve
  4. Fresh Ghoul (L2): Paralysis (Might Ob 2)
  5. Sand Elemental (L4): Immune to physical damage, sand teleport, 2-in-6 chance of being large (+1L)
  6. Animated Statue (L3)


Rocky canyons. City in large depression; for different quarters visible. (Ziggurat and outlaw camp in the center, Obelisk Forest to the south and east, Mausoleum Row to the north and west. Large open Sinkhole/collapsed cave in the eastern part.

Easy Difficulty

  1. Outlaws (L1)
  2. "
  3. "
  4. Many Kobold Scavengers (L0): excellent hiders
  5. "
  6. Several Sand Trolls (Warparty) (L3)

Mausoleum Row

Rows of large family mausoleums. Each one has 2 in 6 chance of being connected to underground crypts spanning the area. Home to kobold settlers, human religious refugees (Zoroastrian, body modification).

Tons of traps. pits, blades, spikes, projectiles, acid/spray, illusions, fountains, crushing/collapsing, cursed gems/items, etc.

Use Modified Undead document to vary details of skeletons and ghouls.

Easy Area

  1. 1d3 Skeletons (L2)
  2. Animated Statue (L4)
  3. Huge Animated Statue (L5) or Giant Centipede (L3)
  4. 1d4 Kobold Scavengers (L1)
  5. 1d6+1 Outlaws (L2)
  6. 1d4 Ghouls (L4, paralysis)

Pit Tunnels (enter from sinkhole)

Collapsed area. Home to kobolds, who tunnel into the Depths. Irregular tunnels, various ambush predators. Dragon feeds here. Sand Trolls raid here for tasty kobolds. Kobold Champions tame and ride basilisks.

Moderate Area

  1. 2 Kobold Scouts (Level 3), or a Lost/Wounded Sand Troll (L5)
  2. 2d4+2 Kobold War Party (Level 3)
  3. Basilisk (Level 7, stonegaze, koboldic)
  4. Giant Sand Mites (L3 swarm, drain Knowledge or Acuity, auto hit)
  5. 1d3+1 Sand Worms (L4, burrow)
  6. 1d4 Sand Troll War Party (L5) or Sand Dragon (L9, as above)

Obelisk Forest Dungeons

Beneath the massive array of Obelisks, in the center, an ornate door into the earth. Large dungeon complex plus caverns. Home to Ant-Men (hate kobolds, tolerate humans, enslaved/forced to dig by dragon). Sand Kite wants to fly free. Also enslaved by dragon, who it hates.

Hard Area

  1. Ant-Man Workers (L1)
  2. Ant-Man Warriors (L2) + Veteran (L4)
  3. Giant Fire Beetles (L5): Fire Spray (Agility Ob 3, 2D damage and immolate 1 damage per turn)
  4. Trapped Sand Kite (L5): flying, wants out
  5. Two Wyverns (L6 Elite)
  6. Sand Dragon (L7 Elite): Sandblast (6D damage, Agility Ob 5 for half), resists magic -1s

Great Ziggurat Crypt

Bottom entrance breached, but not top entrance. Outlaw camp near base (3d6 combatants present at any given time, plus 4d6+4 noncombatants). Inside still holds great wealth, but is a deathtrap of resetting traps, animated/undead guardians, and oozes. Mad Ghost reigns inside, totally crazy.

Very Hard Difficulty

  1. Two Stone Warrior Guards (L4)
  2. Several Demonic Anubis Guardians (L5): brute +1s, blurred form--reroll def
  3. Bound Sand Demon (L7 Elite): Respawns, Tax Acuity 1 on hit
  4. Heat-Sucking Ooze (L4): fire heals)
  5. Flesh Burrowing Scarab Swarm (L3): auto hit (Might Ob 3 or Tax Agility and Discipline)
  6. Mad Ghost King (L8): does not attack on first appearance, only warns; later, Mad Strike (Tax MoS from Acuity or Knowledge)

Quweiq Mines

Abandoned gold mine, rumored to have broken into the Depths. Secretly also used to mine Cybalt, which led to magical calamity and warped humans (now warped minotaurs and squid-men). In the cybalt areas, reality (and physical traces) become increasingly twisted and unstable.


Level One: Gold Mines

Easy Area

  1. 1d4 Cultists (L2)
  2. 1d6 Adventurers (L3)
  3. 1d4 Cult Initiates (L1) with Bone Demon (L5, special strike, Ob 3 Agility, tax Might and Acuity)
  4. 2d4+1 Cultists (L2) and 1d6 Slave Sacrifices (L3)
  5. Hermit Sand Troll (L5, wants peace and quiet)
  6. 1d4 Tempest Sprites (L2, explode with thunderclap)

Level Two: Gold Mines, Cult Temple

Moderate Area

  1. 2d6 Cultists (L3)
  2. Cult Champion (L4, +3 Health, +1s damage) and 1d4 Lackeys (L3, mook)
  3. 1d6+1 Lesser Imps (L2, control flame)
  4. Storm Elemental (L4) (immune to physical; no attacks; lightning aura, 1 damage automatically per turn in area; lightning bolt strike Agility Ob 3 or 1d3 damage)
  5. 1d2 Bone Demons (L5, as above)
  6. Scythe Demon (L6) (+1s damage; bleeding attacks, Ob 3 Might, lose 1 HP per round until Ob 3 Healing Test)

Level Three: Gold Mines

Moderate Area

  1. 1d4 Storm Elementals (L4; as above)
  2. 1d4 Cultist Warriors (L3) and Bone Demon (L5, as above)
  3. 1d3 Minotaur Slave Escapee(s) (L4)
  4. 1d3 Minotaur Slave Recovery Party (L4)
  5. 1d3 Savage Albino Bat-Lizard Men (L5)
  6. Massive Slime Beast (L6) (weak to fire; envelop on hit, 1 auto damage per turn, Ob 4 Might with Disad to break free)

Level Four: Cybalt Mines, Warped Minotaur Halls

Hard Area

  1. 1d6 Storm Elementals (L4, as above) plus 1d10 Tempest Sprites (L2, as above)
  2. 1d6+2 Minotaur Warriors (L4)
  3. 1d3 Minotaurs & War Bats (L7)
  4. Warped, Insane Centipede Man (L5) (spore aura, Ob 4 Discipline test, tax Acuity)
  5. Warped Sandworm (L8) (shadow tentacles +1s; mind strike, Knowledge Ob 3, tax Knowledge)
  6. Minotaurian Automaton (L7) (high defense, +3 HP and DR 1; missile volley 2 damage, Agility Ob 3 for half) or God-Construct (L9 automaton) (massive and armored, +5 HP and DR 1; missile volley 2 damage, Agility Ob 4 for half)

Level Five: Flooded Cybalt Mines, Warped Squid-Men

Hard Area

  1. 1d3 Greater Storm Elementals (L6) (immune to physical; lightning aura 2 damage auto; 2 attacks +1s)
  2. Ghosts of Adventurers (1d3, L5, immortal and incorporeal)
  3. 1d4 Squid-Men Slavers (L5) (spit sleep goop, Ob 3 Discipline) plus 2d6 catatonic human slaves (L1)
  4. 1d4+ 1 Squid-Men Warparty (L6)
  5. Psychic Squid Mindbeast (L9)

Upper Depths

Very Hard Area

  1. 3d6+2 Squid-Men Warriors (L6)
  2. Purple Worm (L9, +3 HP, +1s, swallow whole, resists magic)
  3. 1d2+1 Demon Goat Warband (L9)
  4. Imprisoned Storm Titan (L11)
  5. "
  6. "

Lower Depths

Fiendishly Difficult Area

  1. Swarm of Enraged Souls (L8, damages Acuity and Discipline, immune to nonmagical, resist magic)
  2. Purple Worm (L9, +3 HP, +1s, swallow whole, resists magic)
  3. (L10)
  4. (L11)
  5. Shadow Dragon (L13, immune to physical, teleports, psychic)
  6. Balor (L14, resists magic and physical, fire aura, super brutal, summon lesser demons)

Seven Lords of Darkness Shrine, Eastern Mountains

On Portal Activation

  1. Nothing.
  2. "
  3. Many Wretchlings (L0)
  4. Bone Demon (L3)
  5. Bile Demon (L4) and Wretchlings (L0)
  6. Bile Demon (L4) and Many Wretchlings
  7. Demon Toad (L5): swallow whole, bind
  8. Horned Demon (L7)

Burkan al-Khafion

The Fortress Gates

The Spire

The Main Halls

The Dungeons

The Under-Dungeons

The Entrance to the Depths

The Heart of the Volcano

The Pearls

Generic Tropical Encounters

Moderate Difficulty

  1. Many Adventurers (L2)
  2. Pirates (L2) and Pirate Lieutenant (L4)
  3. Many Cultists (d3 humans, snakemen, mantids; demon cult, plant cult, dino cult; L1)
  4. Cybalt Addict Colony (4d6+3 persons, L1)
  5. Silphe Band (Many L1)
  6. Saurian Hunting Party (Many L2)
  7. Velociraptors (L3): fast, charge, ambushers
  8. Herbivores (Small L2, Large L4): Trample (4D, Agility Ob 3 half)
  9. T-Rex (L4 Elite): +1s
  10. Warped T-Rex (L6 Elite): +2s, swallow whole

Tropical Environmental Result

  1. Monsoon (mud slides, difficult travel) or Clearing Skies
  2. Lightning Storm or Tree Fall (1 in 6 strike)
  3. Lose the trail in jungle undergrowth
  4. "
  5. Fauna (game, vermin, flying, magical)
  6. Flora (edible, toxic, mildly hallucinogenic, medicinal, useful to sorcerers, or rare/valuable)



The Ornats

Paradise Isle


The Depths

The Upper Depths

Hard Difficulty

The Lower Depths

Very Hard Difficulty

The Deep Veins of the Earth

Fiendishly Difficult

  1. 2d6 Pierced Impaler Demons (L8) with 2d4 slaves (L4 mooks)
  2. Insane Elder Lich (L10)
  3. Greater Earthquake Elemental (L10)
  4. 1d2 Flesh Spider Demons (L11) and encourage of 1d6+1 minor Bile Demons (L6, frail -2 HP, explode on death 3 damage Agility Ob 3 half)
  5. Shadow Dragon (L12)
  6. Balor (L14) (resist all, +1s, spells. bind, miasma, summon bile demon, quickening, dominate

Sailing Encounters

For water journeys, make an encounter check once per day. There is a 1-in-10 chance of an encounter or event. If an encounter is rolled, check whether it is a creature encounter (1-4) or an environmental hazard (5-6).

Environmental Hazards

  1. Supplies spoil: rations, water, or gunpowder
  2. Dangerous thunderstorm/typhoon
  3. Collison with reef/shoal or run around in a sandbar
  4. Fauna (giant flying fish, dolphins/whales, sharks, giant albatross)
  5. Entangled in seaweed or the doldrums
  6. Roll twice.

Ocean Encounters

Hard Difficulty

  1. River/Ocean Trolls (L3)
  2. Water or Air Elemental (L4): 2-in-6 chance of being large (+1L)
  3. Pirate Vessel: Very Many Crew (L2) and Captain (L5)
  4. Giant Squid (L5)
  5. Harpies (L4): Entrancing Song (Discipline Ob 3 or stunned and approach)
  6. Sea Dragon (L7 Elite): Superheated Steam Blast (Agility Ob 5, 4D damage and scalded for -1D)

River Encounters

Moderate Difficulty

  1. Many Fire Eels (L1): Spit Fireball (Agility Ob 2, 2D damage)
  2. Many Slug-Men (Raiding Party) (L2)
  3. Small Pirate Vessel (Many Pirates, L1)
  4. Water Elemental (L3): 2-in-6 chance of being large (+1L)
  5. Several Electric River Serpents (L3): Shock (4D damage when first touching the water, once per combat)
  6. One Giant Crocodile (L4 Elite)