Master Index of Magic Items

The artifacts and relics are sorted by location.

Table of Contents

Placed Artifacts

Unplaced Artifacts

Burkan al-Khafion

The Mausoleum City of Jarrah

Jarrah (Golden Tomb, Mausoleum Row)

Jarrah (Sinkhole)

Jarrah (Obelisk Forest)

Jarrah (Pyramid)

Quweiq Mines

The Cyclopean Facility on Cymbeles

The Shrine of the Seven Lords of Darkness (Eastern Mountains)

Al-Awaj Oasis

Cyclopean Fort, Lesser Ornat Island

Unplaced Magic Items


  1. Vorpal Pick: This razor-sharp war pick shines with chrome. It is exceedingly dangerous to both wielder and foe: when you strike an enemy with it, you deal +2s damage, but take one damage.
  2. Stunning Mace: A beautiful ceremonial silver mace, but also useful in combat. When you strike an enemy of lower level, they are stunned for a round. Once per day, a damaged enemy of equal or higher level may be stunned for a round on a failed Might save (Ob 4).
  3. Slammer: A heavy, black iron warhammer. Whenever your Margin of Success on a Combat Check is two or higher, your opponent is knocked down (Ob 5 Agility save negates).


  1. Orb of Attraction: A skull-sized crystal orb that pulses with faint blue light. When activated, every sentient creature within one mile is irresistibly drawn to the orb (Ob 4 Discipline Save negates). The user may specify a particular type of creature, e.g. by name, appearance, species, etc. After each use, there is a 1-in-6 chance that the orb cracks and becomes useless.
  2. Torgish Rune Stone: A stone carved with an Ogham rune and painted with Cybalt paste, which glows faintly in a color significant to the spell trapped within the stone (e.g. green for healing, red for destruction, black for necromancy, yellow for transportation, orange for conjury, blue for warding, purple for psychomancy, etc.) Each stone contains a bound spell. The user may activate the spell for free, but there is a 4-in-6 chance that the spell fades after being used, at which point the Cybalt paste burns away, fades, turns to liquid, or otherwise disappears, leaving behind a nonmagical stone. (Hint: leave one or two of these already drained as a hint near the room where more charged stones may be found.)
  3. Spirit Talisman: A brooch, amulet, necklace, bracelet, or similar jewelry set with a single large precious stone. The inside of the stone swirls with mist and fog. When worn, the user may summon a spectral servant. The servant will manifest for an hour, at the end of which a roll must be made to see whether the mist in the talisman will disappear, leaving behind a piece of mundane jewelry worth 1d6 Cash.
    • Ruby:
    • Sapphire:
    • Emerald:
    • Diamond:
    • Citrine:
    • Pyrope:
    • Pearl:
    • Lapis Lazuli:
  4. Pied Piper's Flute: While you play this simple wooden flute, nearby rodents swarm to your location and follow your general directions. Each Exploration Turn spent playing calls 2d12 rodents, who travel toward you at their normal speed (so it may take minutes for them to begin to arrive). Any rodent may be summoned--rats and mice are most common, but rodents like bats, beavers, capybara, etc. may come, demanding in the environment. The user may summon and direct a total of 50 rodents per Level.


  1. Pointy Red Hat: A pointy red hat. Like a witch's hat, but made from a hot and heavy fabric (like velvet). Each day the user may activate one effect:
    • Pull out any mundane tool, weapon, or similar object, regardless of size. It lasts for four hours before disappearing in a puff of red smoke.
    • The hat blazes with harmless red fire for a Turn (spreads light like a bonfire).
    • Billowing clouds of thick red smoke emanate from the hat. They fill a very large area and last 1d4 turns.
  2. Disc of Shattering: A small, plain ceramic disc. When placed against a surface and activated, both the disc and the surface (up to 225 square feet) shatter harmlessly into fine dust.
  3. Goggles of Darkvision: These simple goggles are tinted deep black. The user can see perfectly in shadows, dim light, and pure darkness (up to the normal range of their vision). The vision, however, is colorless (black and white only).
  4. Living Rope: Concentrate to cause the rope to animate and move like a snake at a slow pace. Too slow for combat applications, but may find hitch and tie itself in a knot.
  5. Coward's Hope: These pair of grey running shoes are labeled RUN and AWAY. While actively fleeing danger or running from a fight, the user's speed is doubled and they gain +3 temporary HP that last as long as they are fleeing. If the user is ever captured and bound, the shoes lose their enchantment and fall apart.
  6. Cloak of Invisibility: A plain grey cloak. A handful were made in ancient times. When the user wraps herself in the cloak, she may cast Shroud once per day for free, and any gear that fits under the small cloak is also hidden from sight.
  7. Marvelous Pigments: Paint up to 1,000 sq ft per usage. The two dimensional image becomes three dimensional and real, but only the terrain and similar components (traps, etc.). Nothing of value (greater than 1 Cash) will truly be created, but will in fact be made fro e.g. bones, feathers, mud, etc. Usage die: d6.

Ability Boosts

  1. Fool's Boon: A dried, milky white flower with an uncanny resemblance to a human brain. When eaten, if the sum of the user's Knowledge, Acuity, and Discipline is less than nine, gain +1 to each. If the sum is equal to or greater than 9, +1 Presence instead.

Hunting Themed

  1. Hunter's Divining Rod: A thick ash wand carved with scenes of hunting. You roll +2D when tracking or orienteering. If you know the true name of your quarry, you may activate the rod to know their precise direction and distance from you, or else you learn what other dimension they currently reside in. After you use the wand in this way, there is a 1-in-3 chance that it is consumed in green flame.
  2. Deafening Horn: When this horn is blown, everyone in range is deafened for an Exploration Turn by an extremely loud blast. Anyone effected who fails an Ob 3 Discipline test is also stunned for a turn (including the blower).
  3. Giant Shot: This massive elephant rifle is unwieldy, but packs a massive punch. Roll -2 Agility on firearms Combat Checks, but deal +2s damage. The rifle takes up three Inventory Slots, but does not require ammo; rather, the gun creates its own supernatural shells.
  4. Pendent of Big Game Hunting: A large bronze disc on a necklace. Into the disc are set bits of teeth, antler, horn, and other hunting trophies, which together make a mosaic depicting a hunting scene with large exotic game (elephants, etc.). You deal +1s damage against targets larger than men.

Fey Themed

  1. Faerie Lantern: This delicate iron hooded lantern casts pale blue light. Any non-fey creature touched by the light is subject to the Dominate spell (Discipline Ob 4 negates). After each effect, there is a 1-in-8 chance that the lantern's charm effect fades, though it will still magically cast pale blue light without any fuel.
  2. Druidic Staff: A smooth oak staff. The staff is unbreakable and causes the user to grow small shoots and leaves from the upper parts of their limbs (back of the hand, shoulder, etc.). When the user dies, the staff also withers and dies. The staff has three charges, and regains one charge per week. As long as the staff has charges, the user may speak with plants at will. The user may also spend a charge to:
    • Transform into a small tree, along with all belongings.
    • Regenerate 4D hit points over a Turn as long as the user is standing in the sun.
    • Deal +1s with the staff as a melee weapon.
  3. Book of Emerald Whispers: Made of emerald. Covered with magical runes. When opened, soft whispers eminate. When read completely, gain +1 Acuity, Knowledge, and Presence, but -1 Might, Agility, and Discipline. After being read, the book teleports away into the Feyrealm, eventually to make its way back to the material world. If you know spells, you also permanently lose one random spell. Then, you gain two spells:
    • Emerald Sight: Acuity Ob 3. Your eyes turn into green energy. You see as if you were in the Feyrealm. You can identify fey creatures and understand how to activate fey relics and their effects. You can also identify supernatural illusion and charm effects.
    • Emerald Step: Knowledge Ob 4. You phase rapidly between the material world and the Feyrealm, existing in both simultaneously. You can interact with things or creatures in either world, but do so with half dice. You take half damage from sources in either world. When the spell ends, you can choose to remain in either world.