Miscellaneous Tables, Setting, and Fun

Nuccio's Table

When you spill a substantial amount of blood on an item or creature, roll 1d6. (Costs 1 HP for a week.)

  1. It permanently emanates a glow in a primary color of your choice (same radius as a torch).
  2. It becomes cursed. (Stephen rolls on a secret subtable.)
  3. It permanently drains 1 HP and 1d6 years, then crumbles to dust.
  4. It becomes animate and intelligent. 3-in-6 chance that it wants to murder you. If already animate, it just wants to murder you.
  5. It transmutes into a rare, precious metal or gemstone, and then is translocated into another dimension (The Spirit Realm, The Mirror Dimension, The Depths, etc.).
  6. It becomes permanently attached to your body.

A Slaying of Krampus

Krampus does not name a person; rather, it names a particularly cruel and vicious species of fairies who delight in spreading fear, terror, and violence. (Plural: krampús.)

Krampús roam in packs called slayings. They hibernate inside coniferous trees most of the year, but are active in midwinter, especially around the time of the Solstice and Midwinter's Feast.

  1. The large leather sack they carry is actually an oriface, lined with teeth, for a minor god of gluttony. And it wants to be fed. Now.
  2. Their beards are separate creatures. They shoot red and green sparkles that are actually tiny brain parasites that burrow into your bloodstream. If you are hit by the spray, Might Ob 4 each minute or take 1 Tax from Acuity. (Successful save ends ongoing effect.) Stephen
  3. They ride Reignbeasts, which are caribeau-like creatures who leak blood from their nose, ears, and solid black eyes. The can magically fly as long as they consume one innocent child per year, usually around Midwinter Festival. Reignbeasts are intelligent and exceptionally cruel. Stephen
  4. Their mother is the Goddess of Evil Stepmothers, and she hates it when her children come to harm. Whenever you harm a krampus (by damage or any other negative effect), take 1 HP damage as extradimensional psychic forces of pure malice pummel your soul.
  5. The krampus is supernaturally compelled to give you a gift from his bag, sing a hideous discordant carol, and disappear in a puff of smoke. The gift is a (1-4) minor or (5-6) major magic item. There is a 2-in-6 chance that it is cursed.

Gladiator Fight vs Ravenous Manticore (Combat Tutorial)

The original gladiator characters and the updated, expanded characters for the gladiator fight, which can be used to teach combat (including such tactics as Ganging Up, and to stress the fiction-first role of the mechanics).