Sites of Interest, Known Dungeons, and Rumors

Known dungeons are listed in bold under the relevant regional heading, while current rumors or hooks are called out with a gold heading and gold bar on the left. Updated hooks and newly added hooks are marked in the left margin.

Below is a summary of the major and minor dungeons available for dungeoncrawls, followed by descriptions of notable adventuring sites and the locations of rumors and other sandbox hooks.

Please see Setting for more information about the geography and demographics of Umiyid and the Pearls.

Major Dungeons:

  • Burkan al-Khafion
  • Mausoleum City of Jarrah
  • Quweiq Mines
  • Cyclopean Facility on Cymbeles

Minor Dungeons:

  • Cyclopean Ruins at Al Awaj Oasis
  • Haunted Fort on Lesser Ornat Island
  • Umiyid City Sewers

Burkan al-Khafion

A large volcanic island home to an immense, newly-discovered dungeon. A half dozen other adventuring sites are also available on the island.

The Megadungeon

Bar Talk (The Old Mare): The Burning Island (Burkan al-Khafion) is a perilous, unexplored place, but people keep coming back with more gold, gems, and precious artifacts than they can carry. One good trip and you can retire! This may be the biggest opportunity of our lives to strike it rich and become famous, wealthy lords.

Umiyid City

A massive metropolis. The High City is accessible only to nobles and their retainers. The squalid Low (or Outer) City sprawls for dozens of miles. The core of the city is built over ancient Cyclopean Sewers.

Monster Hunters

Elyriki Pubkeeper (The Old Mare): Officials at the fighting pits are looking for captured beasts, the more terrifying, the better. (1+ Cash per head, depending on how terrifying it is)

[Update 12/1/17: Hotha ibn Ohana has been promoted to the First Fighting Pit in the lower city, and is willing to look the other way for illegally obtained beast. He stages a monthly series of games, and is looking for big monsters—the bigger, the better.]

[Update 11/21/18: Hotha ibn Ohana has been deputized to organize the games for an upcoming major holiday (by the New Year). He is particularly interested in obtaining two Quill Bears, a Manticore or a Wyvern, a Flame Salamander, a band of Harpies, and a variety of water monsters (perhaps a giant crocodile or crab). (4-8 Cash per head)]

Sorcerous Industrial Espionage

Iken ibn Alwas (Shipping Company Owner, Corey's Contact): "Someone is learning what I'm going to bid on new contracts before I even submit them, and is also uncovering my subcontractors and buying them off or threatening them. This is privileged, secret information; my Head of Security, Firhun Masad, suspects sorcery. I need a diviner or seer who can solve this problem for me, permanently. Understand?" (8 Cash)

[Update 10/23/18: See Session 36 report.]

Umiyid City (The Fairie)

Something Amiss in Umiyid

In the Fairie, an uninhabited facade of civilization. The city should be overtaken with vibrant life, but seems to be consumed with some sort of Blight that has cursed the whole region of the city and its suburbs. At the center of what would be the High City, massive bonfires can be seen, while vicious fey beasts roam the empty streets and war with the few remaining civilized fey.

The reigning court is Tempestuous Spring.

[Update 11/21/18: Dead thorns radiate for miles from the High City. Inside, Thorn Men can be seen guarding the avenues with bonfires and riding patrol. The chalky false facade of the buildings is not native to the Fairie.]

Al Khour

Umiyid's second city. The city and its surroundings are laced with canals, which are used both for transportation and also to irrigate endless fields of barley, pistaccio trees, and fruit orchards.

Murder on the Mean Streets of al Khour

Word on the Street: Children have been going missing at night from the farming communities near the East Gate district. The Khourian Guard doesn't have any leads, but the victims always disappear without any of their belongings. Foul play is suspected, and people are starting to panic. Anyone who solves the mystery would receive great gratitude from the common folk of Southern Umiyid.


Umiyid's third city. Khasib is a quiet, conservative city founded on the gentle slopes around Dakhla Oasis.

Mausoleum City of Jarrah

An enormous, sprawling city of the dead containing miles of tombs, many unexplored, uncracked, and full of riches. The Mausoleum City consists of four distinct quarters, each of which serves as a distinct dungeon site.

At the center of the city is The Great Ziggurat, an massive step pyramid rumored to contain the household of the first Eternal Emperor. There is a small refugee settlement at the base of the Great Ziggurat.

Mausoleum Row is an area of wide boulevards, statues, headstones, and row after row of crypts, many of them very ancient. This section of the city is still in use for the burial of Umiyid nobles.

To the south of the Great Ziggurat is The Obelisk Forest, where above-ground obelisks and statuary gardens conceal entrances to dangerous underground complexes.

The eastern portion of the city has collapsed into the so-called Sinkhole, from which desert creatures emerge to prey on tomb raiders. Some speculate that entrances to deep, forgotten ruins may be accessible via the sinkhole.

The Silver Tongue of Comprehension

Elyriki Pubkeeper (The Old Mare): "The old owner of the Silver Tongue of Comprehension, a grizzled tomb robber named Hamad al Nahyan, went into the sinkhole, but never came out. That was 35 years ago. Nobody has yet found his body, or the tongue."

Quweiq Mines

An extensive, abandoned gold mine. Rarer minerals are said to have been mined in its bowels. Reports suggest that the lowest levels of the mines have broken into the Depths.

Mine Rescue

Bulletin (Diwan of Artifacts, Relics, and Cultural Preservation): Following a lead, a large expeditionary group (18 members) went to the abandoned Quweiq Mines in search of the Shadow Mask of Ula'an Savor. They never returned. Relatives of the missing will pay 75 dirhams (3 Cash) per member who is returned alive.

[Update 9/28/18: Five of the missing 18 were killed by a lightning elemental, one of which was transformed into the insane Centipede Man by cybalt spores.

Al Awaj Oasis

Distant Cyclopean Ruins with three separate small dungeons: The Wind Temple, The Surface Tombs/Storehouses, and Underground Palace Chambers.

The Mad Necromancer-Alchemist

Gregoras Agalion Zarides (Elyriki Alchemist Necromancer): "To continue my experiments, I need more cybalt ore! Preferably processed into an oil or gas, but I'll happily trade you information or elixers for any cybalt that you can bring me!"

The North Shore

The North Shore is a desolate expanse where sand dunes run into the ocean. Mariners stay far out to sea due to the dangers of the shifting sand dunes. The only substantial town is Ennedi, a sleepy fishing and salt-mining town.

Salt Raiders

Bulletin (Diwan of Shipping): Venidzi privateers, lurking among the sandbars and small sandy islands, have been raiding the salt shipments coming from Ennedi. The Diwans of Shipping and Agricultural Supply has promised a reward of saffron and ivory, as well as imperial blessings, to whoever ends the raids. A well-known adventuring company, Sayuf al-Fajr, has publicly declared that they are pursuing the reward in order to warn away rivals. (20 Cash and a Imperial Blessing for each member of the expedition, plus 2 Cash for each crate of salt returned.)

Darani / Ras Aleawasif

El Safi is a remote village near Ras Aleawasif and in the southern foothills of the imposing Darani. El Safi is known for its scavengers (who loot shipwreaks) as well as its pearl divers and rich mineral abundance.

The Haunted Coast

Whispered Rumors: Rumors are spreading of strange sightings off the southwestern coast near El Safi. According to the whispers, sailors have seen unexplained water spouts, black-hulled ships in the distance sailing softly against the wind, and dolphins washing up on the shore covered in bite marks and oozing lesions.

Beyhdiya min Dumawiy

A vast desert of pink and crimson sand.

Altawa Al'Akhadid

The Canyonlands are crisscrossed with lightly forested redstone mesas and canyons. Isolated and considered backward, the region has been influenced by its proximity to northern Lyriamos.

The Demon Princes of Altawa Al'Akhadid

Newccio (Asking Contacts Discreetly): "Based on Maverick's research regarding the Demonic Well in the Quweiq Mines, we have sought information about how to find cultists dedicated to the demon princes named by the inscribed runes. Multiple sources quietly point to the Canyonlands, and especially to the isolated village of Ihn Zalah amd surrounding settlements, which have the reputation for supporting dark cults and harboring diabolists."


A large island, home to a hotbed of religious cult activity due to hallucinogenic gases that emanate from the volcanic soil. A mysterious unbroached dungeon—The Cyclopean Facility—sits on an island in the center of the caldera lake.

Diplomatic Crisis on Cymbeles

Ruwaida al Zaida (Company Patron): "I heard a rumor that might be interesting to you: volcanic activity on Cymbeles unearthed an ancient technological shrine. Several of the mystery cults on the island have gone crazy scrambling to claim it—they're not in open warfare, at least not yet, but someone needs to negotiate a peace between the factions before the whole place goes up. And you know how it is on an island colonized by all three of the Great Powers—this could set off a major conflagration. At the very least, whoever solves the crisis will establish a solid political reputation. Probably be sought out for other politically sensitive jobs, too." (Political Reputation)

The Ornats

A mining archipelago. Known dungeons include rare Cybalt Mines on Greater Ornat and Blue Ornat Island, as well as an Old Cyclopean Fort on Lesser Ornat Island.

The Haunted Fort

Public Notice (Diwan of Colonial Affairs, Central Ministerial Offices): Following a disaster at an alchemist's lab on Lesser Ornat Island, skeletons are rising from their graves. There's an old Cyclopean fort on the far side of the island spewing corpses. The Governer of the Ornats will pay for transit, plus a bounty in cybalt ore and textiles (16 Cash), if the problem is permanently dealt with.

[Update 1/1/18: The skeletons have been stopped except from the old Cyclopean fort, whose lower levels are not yet cleared. The bounty has been reduced to 12 Cash.]


A large, independent, libertarian pirate enclave in the Pearls. Nearly anything can be bought or sold here except slaves (slavery is strictly outlawed in Duskhall).

Ocean's Eleven

Verdiana Bellacqua (Notorious Artifact Smuggler and Fence): "I'm looking for a group of resourceful knaves to take the lead on an unusual smuggling job. It's dangerous, but it pays well. ... A hint? Okay: have you ever been inside the Museum of Primitive Civilizations in Arzantim? No? Well, I'd suggest you case the place first. Preparation saves lives, after all." (16 Cash)

Emerald Cove

A verdant tropical island. One of hundreds of colonial outposts established by one of the three Great Powers to extend political or merchantilist reach.


A distant, South Pacific-style island home to strange occurrances. Generally avoided by sailors.

Strange Happenings: The Shark and the Tree-Fern

Mezian ibn Mezian (Explorer): "If you're looking for an intelligent, mind reading bird, I have the misfortune of knowing exactly where you should look. A few years back my company landed on an island in the northeastern Pearls. At first we thought it was paradise--beautiful white sand beaches, plentiful spring water, bountiful wildlife.

"Still, we quickly felt a sense of foreboding, like the jungle itself was somehow... watching us, somehow cruel. Over the weeks, my men became paranoid and rash. And the beasts--it was uncanny. They always avoided our snares, kept finding ways into our stores no matter how well we secured them, began ambushing our hunting or exploration parties. It's like they knew exactly what our plans were, and were always a step ahead. And the way they'd look at you, so canny, so deliberate--it pierced... He trails off.

"Even the jungle seemed to be against us--obliterating paths we'd just blazed the day before, tangling our footsteps to make every step an effort, even souring the springs, though they looked as clear as ever. He shudders.

I'm not afraid of much, but I'm never going back there. If you're brave or foolish or stupid enough, feel free--it's your lives. He hands you a handmade navigation chart. Hotha is a friend of mine, so I give you this as a sign of respect for him. Do with it what you will.

[Update 3/2/18: There is some sort of conflict between a mystical tree at the center of the island, which has control over the animals and strange occurrances, and a tutelary deity shark spirit in the lagoon, who is obsessed with the "pollution" and "impurities" on the island and desparately wants the tree to be cut down and destroyed to end the "filth."]

The Goblin Market (The Fairie)

The Goblin Market is always held in a new location. The easiest way to find your way back is to be invited, or to be given a token from the market that will ensure your safe return.

The Eye Dealer: I want a dragon eye, from a wyrm at least 100 years old and who has seen its young slaughtered before its eyes. Bring me this, and I will trade you the all-seeing eye of a Balrog slain in combat.

The Botanist's Offer: Silly mammal, plant sight will be incoherent to a flesh brain. Let me saw open your head and plant a sunflower in (place of) your brain, and you will gain tree sight. (You will also effectively die and become a new character, a body puppeteered by a plant.)

The Botanist's Seed: A tree seed. When a live century plant has been harvested for the Botanist (a giant living oak tree), the seed may be planted and will grow into a path back to the goblin market.


Glibglab's Contract: Jump into a deep dark place, wish for the goblin market, and you three (Corey, Demoria, Daw) and three trusted companions will be safely transported to the market.

[Update 11/21/18: After the party searched for a fairy being living discreetly in Umiyid City, they attracted the attention of Glibglab, who robbed their warehouse and left insulting (and theatening) graffiti.]